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Marketing strategies and reliability of tractor suppliers


Marketing strategies and reliability of tractor suppliers

The marketing strategies of any supplier is all for customers. Tractors suppliers are also going on their way having the same end-goal. But targeting the market by learning the trends and customers’ behavior is truly an art. Because it decides the success and failure of any business.

Marketing works well when you offer the same quality as you describe it in your marketing campaigns. M-Tech is an online platform that is a giant supplier of a branded tractors like Ford, New Holland, and Massey Ferguson. It targets the agricultural markets of Pakistan and Africa.

Pakistan is an agrarian country and its rural population exceeds urban. Almost all the rural population is involved in the agricultural sector. Similarly, the African economy also stands on its agriculture. These are big markets and highly productive in terms of selling tractors. This is what motivated M-Tech to target these areas. It offers affordable farm tractors to the customers with all the modern implements of farming.

Tractor suppliers’ marketing strategies

  • Target the market where the tractors are highly demanded. The tractors are normally used in agricultural areas for farming, snowy areas for pulling and lifting snow, developing areas for construction work. So, it is better to attract these markets for more sales.
  • Do advertisements of the tractors logically by first pointing out the most beneficial use of your tractors.
  • Do not compromise on quality. For the competitive edge in the market, you have to innovate in quality.
  • Do not set agriculture tractor price out of reach or give some additional discounts on bulk buying or any other affiliated benefits.

Tractors suppliers’ reliability

  • It is important to check all the parameters of tractors suppliers’ reliability because buying a tractor is a big investment it can not be purchased day by day.
  • Tractors supplier have to be reliable because in case the tractor stops functioning, the supplier should provide maintenance service.
  • The supplier has to cover all the aspects of selling tractors, like spare parts of the tractors should be available all the time.

Customers making is not a piece of cake, there have to be logical and applicable strategies with reliability to set the foot in the market.


Abdul Rehman Shahnawaz


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