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Ford 4560 (60HP - 2WD)

Ford 4560 (60HP - 2WD)
Ford 4560 (60HP - 2WD)
Ford 4560 (60HP - 2WD)
Ford 4560 (60HP - 2WD)


F-4560 is a tractor manufactured by Ford. Ford is one of the best tractor manufacturers in the world.

Ford is one of the leading manufacturers of tractor in the automobile industry. F-4560 is one of the best manufactured tractor for agriculture industry by Ford, and currently it is one of the most used tractor around the globe, due to its high fuel efficiency and the horse power it stores within its diesel powered engine. A tractor not to be missed. Price and further specs are available upon inquiry. F-4560 is available in used and new condition around Pakistan


Manufacturer: Ford 

Series:       801 Powermaster

Factory: Dearborn Michigan, USA

Total built:     .

Original pnce:-unicnown-

811                         Select-O-Speed, no PTO

821             Four-speed, no PTO or 3-point

841:              Four-speed

851:                                     Five-speed

861:                              Five speed, live PTO

871:                              Select-O-Speed

881:                 Select-O-Speed, live PTO


Ford 4,1gasoline 
Ford 4-cyl LP  gas  
Ford 4-cyl diesel


Fuel:                                17 gal [64.3 L]

Dimensions 8. Tri es:

Wheelbase: -unknown-Weight:                   2637 1b6[1196 kg]